“Crowdfunding is the new black.” ― Rowena Wiseman Imagine having a great idea and wanting to share it with the world. Once that idea peeks into your consciousness, you wake up every morning with it percolating in your head. It starts there and then it travels to your heart, slowly consuming you until it has […]

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10 Ways To Increase Facebook Fans Without Paying!

by Kim Lavigne on April 4, 2016

1. Know Your Why What is the goal and purpose of your page? If your message is not clear, people might lose interest. Do you want to add fans to your page just for numbers or do you want highly targeted engaged people that will connect with your content? 2. Create a content schedule. Post consistently. Post […]

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6 Motivating Reasons to De-Clutter Your Home

March 21, 2016

Having clutter in your home, your car or office can bring you to a grinding halt in trying to reach your goals, and growing as an individual. Listen, I get it. I’ve been there. There have been times in my life where there was no way I would give you a ride in my car it […]

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5 Reasons Why I Decided To Walk In My Calling (and you should too!)

March 13, 2016

Most of my life I have not walked in my calling, but have walked  in fear. Everything I used to do was pretty much based out of fear, and I often found myself absolutely paralyzed by it. I couldn’t move, I could hardly breathe. It’s no surprise really when you grow up in an abusive environment, with […]

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