5 Reasons Why I Decided To Walk In My Calling (and you should too!)

by Kim Lavigne on March 13, 2016

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Walking in your calling

Most of my life I have not walked in my calling, but have walked  in fear. Everything I used to do was pretty much based out of fear, and I often found myself absolutely paralyzed by it. I couldn’t move, I could hardly breathe. It’s no surprise really when you grow up in an abusive environment, with family that abuse drugs and alcohol in the home. It doesn’t leave a child without it’s wounds. As was the case with me. Eventually, I would live out the rest of my childhood in foster care, where that too left me feeling not only full of fear, but rejected, and abandoned.

Many of you reading this right now can identify with some, if not all of my story. At the very least you can identify with this: FEAR. We have all faced it in our lives, and our reactions to it all differ.

Fear nearly destroyed my life. There was a point in my life where I was so afraid of everything and everyone that I did not leave my home for weeks. In fact the police were called, because people began to think I was a missing person.

By the time I surrendered my life to God, I was one hot mess! I was overtaken by all kinds of addictions to drugs, and alcohol. I had a serious eating disorder, and also had been actively cutting, and burning myself daily for years.

1. I realized I was loved by God and started really learning who I was in Christ

As God began peeling back the layers of my wounds, and delivering me of those fears, and healing my heart, I was able to see there was hope for my life still, that I had worth, that He had called me worthy.

This year I said my final goodbye to FEAR. (ok truth be told, the occasional bugs still creep me out! lol) But, I have decided to act in spite of my fear…to say to fear THUS FAR AND NO MORE! I will act despite my fear, and do what He’s calling me to do.

I decided there must be a better way. There must be a way to walk in freedom! And God showed me that there was. It is why years ago, I chose my online name to be “freedomwalker77” This name that I use widely online on Twitter etc. is more than a name for me, but the way I choose to live my life. To walk in freedom. 77 is the year I was born, and is also conveniently one of God’s numbers!

2. I got a clearer vision of what God called me to do, what my purpose was

No matter who you are, or where this journey of life has taken you, one thing remains the same for all of us; we all need HIM! When you get to a place in your life that you are truly focused on Him, and what He desires you to do, it will be a fresh fire for you! Once you are focused on Him again, and things in your life are back in order, you start to see all other things fade away. Things that used to matter just don’t matter anymore, and the important things start to become more clear. I began writing a lot and taking notes of my journey, setting goals that were in my heart. This really helped in the process! I encourage you to do this. It will help you get more clarity!

3. I am His hands and feet, the body of Christ needs me to do my part. 

I have been blessed that throughout my life’s journey God has placed people in my life to help me overcome. It takes a group of people to surround each one of us in order to overcome in this life. His word says very plainly that we need each other. Just as I was helped, loved, and mentored, I will pass that on as well! How can you be His hands and feet today?

4. Life is short. If I died tomorrow, what would I want to be known for?

These last couple of years I have lost a number of people dear to me. When your life is touched by death, or you watch someone you love dearly wither away from a disease, your perspective on life changes.  I was faced with my own mortality, and realized that life is truly short, and ever so fragile. That we are only here for just a blink of an eye, and facing God at the end of my life just to tell Him that I was too afraid to walk in the calling He gave me, just seems like a really lame excuse.

5. I want my journey in this life to expedite yours!

After I realized how very short life is, my heart’s desire is that the journey my life has taken me on, all the pain, and all of the obstacles I have had to overcome, helps someone overcome fear, and any obstacles in their lives more quickly than I did! I pray that my testimony makes it possible for others to say to themselves, they too can overcome with God, that all things are possible to those who believe!

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