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Birthing the call God gave you!!


I see myself a bit like a birthing coach.  Many people I know do not have anyone to stand by them and encourage them to bring their vision to fruition.  That may be you.  You may even feel like not only is no one encouraging your vision, but they are tearing it down.

You feel unable to even start because, you feel like you don’t even have the  self-worth to.  You think who am I?  What will they think? So you don’t even begin, you don’t even try.

If you are one of these people who have no one to stand by your side, or maybe you could just use a little extra support, then this book is for you. It would be my honour if you would allow me (through God) to speak into your life and help bring that vision to pass.

What qualifies me to be in such a position in your life?  Nothing really.  I have no degree, no status or special title.  What I do have is the willingness to be there.  I also have experience of doing it alone and understand what it’s like to try and do so.  This is a strong motivator to help others!

Through being obedient to write this book, is how I can, in part, be there for you in the Spirit and can encourage you.

My goal is to provide you with the tools, and step by step guide you need to achieve the vision God gave you. To help you birth your call. Hopefully this tangible plan will assist you in your journey.

Love & Hugs & Prayers

Kim Lavigne

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